Trout in Argentina



Trouts are usually found in cold weathers (32–66 °F or 0–18 °C), clear streams, rivers and lakes. The western south of Argentina is the perfect place for Rainbow, Brown and Steelhead trouts. You can find them in the provinces of Neuquen, Rio Negro, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego.

The specie was introduced in the country more than a 100 years ago, finding itself in the perfect environment to develop and grown at great rates.

How to catch them


The trout is one of the most coveted fish for fly fishing anglers. Depend on the location, you can use sinking lines with streamers and nymphs, or floating lines with dry flies. The rod size will go between a #4 and #10, depending on the location and weather conditions. 

You are not a fly fishing fan? Don't worry! In some special spots you can fish with spinner lures with almost the same results as with flies.

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