Lodge South 54

South 54 Lodge is a place to discover, unique for his natural surroundings, the design and for the high quality service that we offer to the guests.

Is ideal for those who choose leave behind the city for a couple of days to meet again with nature. Located in the middle of the island of Tierra del Fuego, only 45 miles from Ushuaia, on the Fagnano Lake, on the shore of crystalline water bays, formed with stone beaches, framed with imposing woods.

The path to the place goes through the best landscapes of the island, it is an itinerary that becomes an adventure at every moment.

The lodge has 2 suites and 6 exclusive rooms, all with large windows and balconies that face Fagnano Lake and the mountains.

A home with always lit firewoods provides an ideal setting to enjoy unforgettable moments.

Patagonian cuisine is the main proposal of the restaurant "La Cabaña”. The Chef strives to find the aromas and combine the local flavors to offer them in each dish, accompanied by wines from exclusive wineries.

The fresh herbs that flavor the dishes are grown in our own garden.

In the lodge there is no mobile phone signal, but it has free internet of excellent speed and satellite television in all the rooms.

Fishing in the Fagnano lake, lagoons and rivers

Fishing is done in the surroundings of the Lodge, with trips of no more than an hour by land or by boat.

The Fagnano lake has a length of 104km with a maximum depth of 200m. It has several points where you can find beautiful examples of browns, fontinalis and rainbows trouts. The fishing trip in the lake begins in the early morning, and you return to the lodge for lunch, after a break you leave again in the afternoon. You can fish with fly or spinning without problems.

The Margarita lagoon is 6km away, a mirror of water surrounded by mountains which shelter the place from the wind, where you can find many fontinalis and brown trout.

San Ricardo and Santa Laura lagoons are 23 km from the Lodge, they are separated by about 400 yards, in this place begins to mix the landscape of the forest with the Patagonian steppe. Rainbow and brown trout of excellent size abound.

Fly fishing tackle 6 and 8 are ideal for fishing in these areas. Sinking, intermediate and float lines are essential to cover the different scenarios, with varied flies and being the preferred orange streamers with white legs.

It is essential to use waders and warm clothes, because even in summer temperatures can go as low as 23F.





The price is per person for the whole trip.

Groups can be up to 4 fisherman.




  • Meals during your stay at the lodge
  • Snacks and refreshments (non alcoholic) 
  • Round trip between Ushuaia airport and the lodge




  • International flight
  • Excursions outside the fishing program

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